There Are No Problems Worth Solving — Only Questions Worth Asking // ALD 003 — DT101 E65

This episode is based on this article: ALD 003 // There Are No Problems Worth Solving – Only Questions Worth Asking. Read the article and others like it on Fluid Hive’s Ask Like a Designer.

This Ask Like a Designer episode is about a better way to see and choose problems to solve. It includes a simple framework for aligning your choices with the development and goals that matter most to you.

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In these short Ask Like a Designer episodes on the Design Thinking 101 podcast, you’ll find new ways to explore the show’s stories and ideas about design-driven innovation. I’ll share methods, templates, and ideas that have worked in my practice in teaching.

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Show Highlights

[00:52] A better approach to closing the gaps between the world we have and the world we want.
[01:07] Questions worth asking.
[01:21] The trouble with solving.
[01:54] Responding instead of solving.
[02:23] Difference between response and reaction.
[02:44] Looking at problems and how questions can create the problem space.
[03:37] Questions worth answering.
[04:28] Wicked problems.
[04:54] Questions worth answering by you.
[05:11] Four considerations when deciding if a question is worth answering by you.
[05:25] Learning.
[05:39] Power-Ups.
[05:58] Seedlings.
[06:18] The Spend.
[07:33] Free Ask Like a Designer Thinking Tool to help you choose your next question worth answering.
[08:21] Design Thinking 101 Learning courses.
[08:47] The Innovation SmartStart webinar.

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