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Ask like a designer. Download Fluid Hive’s Innovation Shield, a step-by-step guide to answering 9 critical questions that can make or break your innovation outcomes.


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We help people learn and make stuff that works. We also get you through tough moments when:

You’re beginning an innovation project, don’t know where to start, and are feeling the pressure build.

Your problem, opportunity or challenge is changing faster than you’re able to define it, solve it and launch your solution.

You’re ready to choke a bear if you see one more sticky note on a wall (ok, be nice to bears; sticky notes are really useful).
You’ve watched innovation projects grind to a halt, catch fire, then explode with all your precious outcomes aboard.
Your approach to innovation doesn’t involve talking to the people you serve or the people who will deliver your solution.

You’re trapped on an innovation project with people who can’t agree on the correct solution and who each have a slightly different take on the problem.

Create better experiences and outcomes for the people you serve.

Ready to do more with less effort and transform how you innovate?

Innovate with us.

You’ll love the outcomes and enjoy the journey!

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