Learn, Lead and Apply Design-Driven Innovation

Courses — The Innovation Design Studio is our flagship learning experience. It is an online training that helps innovators learn and apply Fluid Hive’s unique, question-based approach to design-driven innovation. We’ve packed it all inside Fluid Hive’s See-Solve-Act framework to make it easy to learn and apply.

Training — We create learning experiences for individuals and teams that are crafted to achieve performance gains.

Webinars — We regularly offer webinars about design-driven innovation like the Innovation Smart Start Webinar.


Ask Like a Designer

In Ask Like a Designer, I share design ideas, methods, frameworks, templates, and a question-fueled approach to design-driven innovation. Ask Like a Designer is geared toward action. Each article gives you things to start using today. I hope to help you find new ways to learn, lead and apply design-driven innovation. Cheers ~ Dawan

Design, and One Question to Rule Them All

The one question to rule them all: What problem are you trying to solve? I find myself asking this question more than any other. I ask myself. I ask my students. I ask my clients. I ask my family. I ask others to ask it. It really is the question. Some people balk at...

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Ask Like a Designer

Six voices that will help you do better innovation work and how to listen to them. Plus, what Ask Like a Designer is all about.

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Innovation Webinar

Innovation Smart Start Webinar — Get Better Innovation Outcomes by Taking Your Project Launches from Frantic to Focused in these 4 Steps