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Fluid Hive Design Courses

Courses that help people create services and solutions by thinking and solving like a designer.

What You Get in Each Course

Step-by-Step Clarity

I break everything down into digestible pieces. You’ll see where to start, what happens next, and when you’re done.

Design Skills

Each course focuses on Fluid Hive’s 7 Design Skills — what must be able to do to think and solve like a designer.

Template Gold

Fluid Hive Practice Tools are more than templates. They help you immediately apply what you learn to creating and solving.

At Your Speed

The courses are self-paced with each design as a small, self-contained learning experience. Take small bites or come hungry and devour.


See for yourself. Peek inside Designing Facilitation

Question-based Learning

Each course is built around something you’re already great at: asking questions. In Fluid Hive courses, you’ll learn each topic by learning the questions experts ask, how to answer them, and how to turn your answers into great outcomes.

The Designing Facilitation Course

Are you ready to design outstanding events that will engage participants and get the outcomes you need?

Fluid Hive's Designing Facilitation Course is a step-by-step design thinking-fueled system for creating and leading events, workshops and meetings that solve problems, save money, and protect your reputation.

Find Better Problems Course

In this self-paced, online course, Find Better Problems: Creating Better Solutions by Framing More Valuable Problems to Solve, you will learn to create more effective solutions by understanding the problem you are trying to solve.

Creating effective solutions begins with finding, defining and refining the problem you're trying to solve. I help you do that and more with step-by-step instruction and practical templates.

Ask Like a Designer Articles

In Ask Like a Designer, I write about Fluid Hive’s 7 Design Skills. I share design ideas, methods, frameworks, templates, and a question-fueled approach to designing services and solutions. Each article gives you things to start using today. Cheers ~ Dawan

Fluid Hive Design Skills

  1. Designing Solutions
  2. Facilitating Meaningful Moments
  3. Evolving Personal Performance
  4. Evolving Team Performance
  5. Telling Stories
  6. Leading Change
  7. Shifting Systems

016 // The Everything Skill — Habit Design

There are two things between us and any of our big goals: the learning and the work. To tackle a big goal, we need to learn new things and do a mountain of work at the edge of our abilities. We can use willpower to smash through these obstacles, but that’s messy and...

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Photo of Dawan Stanford
Dawan Stanford, JD, PhD

President, Fluid Hive

Meet Dawan, Your Learning Guide

I help people think and solve like a designer.

My big question at Fluid Hive: How might we build better ways to create and innovate by thinking and solving like a designer?

Fluid Hive Design Skills Courses are one answer. Fluid Hive’s Question-based Learning and Practice inside each course are more answers.

When someone listens to the Design Thinking 101 Podcast, attends a Fluid Hive workshop or event, or engages us as a consultant or adviser, I’m answering that question.

I hope you’ll join me in a Fluid Hive course so I can help you find new ways to answer your big question.

Stay lucky ~ Dawan

We design courses and workshops for people who create services and solutions.