Design Thinking 101 Learning helps people start seeing and solving problems like a designer.

Each training course focuses on a different collection of actions and skills critical to using design thinking effectively and getting the results you seek.

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In this self-paced, online course, Framing: Creating Better Solutions by Finding More Valuable Problems to Solve, you will learn to create more effective solutions by understanding the problem you are trying to solve.

Creating effective solutions begins with understanding the problem we are trying to solve. Is this problem worth solving? Where should we look to understand our problem? What’s happening inside this problem? How do we define the problem? How do we adjust problem framing as we go? During the course, you will learn to answer these questions and apply them to your work.

Ask Like a Designer

In Ask Like a Designer, I share design ideas, methods, frameworks, templates, and a question-fueled approach to design-driven innovation. Ask Like a Designer is geared toward action. Each article gives you things to start using today. I hope to help you find new ways to see and solve problems like a designer. Cheers ~ Dawan

012 // Want Better Outcomes? Find Better Problems.

We create new things to generate the outcomes we want. Those outcomes might mean someone needs to buy or use what we’ve created to solve a problem they have. Those outcomes might mean a city service needs to produce different outcomes for the people who use it. Outcomes we want but can’t generate are what make us want to create something new; they stimulate inquiry, exploration and making. This urge also invites us to rush a terrible mistake.

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007 // The Innovation Saboteur’s Handbook

You’re a nice person. You mean well most of the time, but you’re only human. You have urges, impulses, and needs. Not all of them are pretty, but that’s natural. When we’re trying to create something new, we all get a little twitchy, right? A little voice starts...

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005 // The Swiss-Army Lives of How-Might-We Questions

“What problem are you trying to solve?” is a powerful question. Learn how phrasing your answer well supports healthy thinking about innovation, fuels team collaboration, and focuses change leadership. You’ll see how playing with your answer helps you find magic in the innovation journey mess.

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Innovation Smart Start Webinar

Your next project could be easier, faster and more effective if you play smart at the start. In this webinar Dr. Dawan Stanford will teach you ways to ask like a designer so your projects succeed more often and your revenue grows.

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