UX + Navigating Rough Design Waters + Design Leadership with Dennis Lenard — DT101 E82

Dennis Lenard is the CEO at Creative Navy. We talk about user experience, navigating rough design waters, and design leadership.

Portrait of Dennis LenardListen to Learn About:

  • User experience (UX) and User interface (UI) design
  • UX in the healthcare industry
  • The role “people politics” plays in the design process
  • Mistakes made when it comes to leading design teams
  • A good design team leader’s qualities
  • Working through challenging moments in the design process

Our Guest

As the CEO of Creative Navy, a London-based agency that takes an evidence-based approach to UX design and user-interface design, Dennis combines pragmatic vision with a thorough understanding of research practice. He has coordinated more than 500 design projects across the globe. His team has provided design-innovative solutions to worldwide companies such as Jaguar, Ford, and Philips, using a structured process in which decisions are grounded in rational methodology and meticulous data review rather than intuition, blind convention, or whim. Dennis has had a diverse education with degrees in law, psychology, economics, and philosophy.

Show Highlights

[00:58] Dennis’ background in cognitive science and how it led him to UX and UI design.
[01:58] The challenges in creating embedded interfaces.
[03:33] How a company can develop blind spots about its own product.
[05:35] The ways Dennis works with companies to help them see past their blind spots to the value in user research.
[07:09] Dennis offers one example from a large company with 4,000 users of a particular piece of technology.
[09:09] Two reasons design projects can see resistance and pushback: identity and uncertainty.
[12:06] The unique challenges of developing UX for the healthcare industry.
[14:59] Dennis talks about the COVID-19 case tracking project his company worked on.
[16:51] How Dennis’ team worked through resistance from the client.
[19:04] Managing people and relationships is fundamental to design.
[21:05] The responsibility of designers to try and make a better world – physically and digitally.
[23:34] The less-glamorous side of design work.
[25:23] Building a strong team and creating a safe space for working through difficult moments in the design process.
[26:36] Two patterns Dennis has noticed when it comes to leading design teams.
[28:50] How Dennis helps his team members push through challenging moments.
[31:24] Two key qualities of good design team leadership.
[35:46] Dennis gives three pieces of advice for designers.


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