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Helping people think and solve Like a Designer

Live Workshops

Innovation Leadership Design Workshop

How do we identify meaningful opportunities, form teams, guide teammates through tough moments, lead change, and measure success?  Leaders and teams learn to apply Fluid Hive’s Nine Lens Method for seeing innovation decisions and making them well.

Group size: 5 to 50. Duration: 3 hours.

Designing Innovation Teams Workshop

How do you design and participate in innovation teams that survive and succeed? Learn how to choose the right people, coach peers, manage team performance, structure the work, and navigate challenges.

Group size: 5 to 100. Duration: 3 hours.

Customer Insights Workshop

Can you see your customers clearly? Does everyone you support them with see your customers the same way? Develop how you find and apply insights into how the people you serve behave, decide, and transform desire into action.

Group size: 5 to 25. Duration: 2 hours.

Customer Value Design Workshop

How do you see and understand value from your customer’s perspective? How do you see how that value develops or disappears over time? Learn to examine customer journeys and make customer value visible and available as you design products and services.  

Group size: 5 to 25. Duration: 3 hours.

Profitable Prototyping Workshop

How do we try new things and quickly apply what we learn? How do we run meaningful experiments that don’t waste time or money? Learn five ways to prototype that generate customer value.

Group size: 5 to 25. Duration: 2 hours.

Shepherding Solutions Workshop

How do we make sure solid innovations make it into the world intact? How do we plan innovation launches as we build and involve the right people? Learn innovation launch planning that can accelerate and protect the innovation adoption pathway.

Group size: 5 to 25. Duration: 2 hours.

Your Custom Workshop

Fluid Hive’s Challenge Workshops  — How do we get more done in a few hours than we thought possible? How do we create hands-on learning experiences where participants leave with new skills? How do we make sure that the experience is deeply connected to what matters most to us? Let Fluid Hive create custom workshops that connect your desired outcomes to learning and actions that achieve them in ways people enjoy.

Design-Driven Innovation Workshop

How do we benefit from using design-driven innovation without weeks of training? What is a fast and effective way to learn key design and innovation practices? This workshop packs the innovation leader’s mindset and actions into nine questions then shows you each step for finding answers and acting on them.

Group size: 5 to 100. Duration: 3 hours.


The High-Speed Innovation Toolkit Course

How do we learn key innovation practices for those moments when time is short and action is required? What is a flexible approach to innovation that works whether we have minutes or hours? This course is for innovation leaders who want a fast and effective innovation method that will help them make better decisions and take action faster. You’ll learn Fluid Hive’s Nine Lens Method for innovating under pressure.

Facilitating Innovation Events Course

How do we create effective events and workshops for people doing innovation work? What is a reliable process for getting the most out of the meetings, workshops and events teams create during innovation projects? We’ve created events for thousands of people. Learn to identify event outcomes, craft participant experience, prototype the event, and create a minute-by-minute facilitation guide.

Design Thinking 101 Course

How do we learn design thinking basics quickly and apply them effectively? How do we incorporate the tools into our work? After completing this course, you will be able to apply design thinking’s process, methods and mindset to your challenges.

Innovation Design Studio

How do we learn to get the best results from our innovation projects? What can we accomplish with a system that makes using design-driven innovation step-by-step easy? This course presents Fluid Hive’s See-Solve-Act Framework for design-driven innovation. Our unique learning model emphasizes the practical: what to do, when to do it, how to get it done, and how to know it’s been done well. The Studio is broken down into small lessons that cover the 50 design thinking questions in the See-Solve-Act Framework and how to answer them step by step. Checklists, examples, over 100 templates, and application pathways help participants quickly apply what they learn. Studio participants leave ready to lead innovation projects using a complete innovation system. 

Innovation Events

Adapt, Respond, and Evolve: Fueling Innovation Community

How do we stay connected and have the conversations that fuel innovation? How do we support each other in solving shared problems? How do we maintain meaningful relationships when we are separated by silos, geography, roles, and remote work? This experience builds and sustains innovation communities by facilitating innovation conversations about your problems, challenges and opportunities.

Duration: 2.5 hours. Group size: 15 to 1000

Fluid Hive’s Innovation Outcome Accelerator

How do we bring people together to explore an innovation challenge when they are from multiple organizations, or spread across a large organization or a diverse membership? How do we develop a shared problem to solve using our collective experience? Participants work on an innovation challenge while developing new skills and relationships. Together, the group creates new ways to see the problem, new ideas, and new solution-building actions.

Group size: 10 to 50. Duration: two half-day sessions on consecutive days.

Service Redesign Summit

How do we adapt a service as the world and our customers change? How do we take a systematic approach to seeing opportunities to recraft a service to changing customers’ behaviors, competition, and resources. Participants learn to see a service in the context of its systems. Next, they identify opportunities for service change experiments and learn to run those experiments. Participants leave ready to turn their experiments into actions that redesign services for the people they serve.

Group size: 5 to 30. Duration: two half-day sessions on consecutive days.

Design & Innovation Training

Learning for performance. The only reason to invest in training is to improve individual performance that drives measurable organizational outcomes. 

Fluid Hive professional development opportunities start with an Outcome Design Session to connect the learning to organizational objectives. After the training, we review the outcomes we designed against actual performance. This Performance Review Session looks at how we might close performance gaps. Our training combines online instruction with live sessions.

High-Speed Innovation Toolkit Training — Outcome Design (live) + Course (online) + Performance Review (live) + Practice Session (live)

Design Thinking 101 Training — Outcome Design (live) + Course (online) + Performance Review (live) + Multiple Practice Sessions (live)

Innovation Design Studio for Teams — Outcome Design (live) + Course (online) + Performance Review (live) + Practice Sessions (live) + Innovation Coaching (live — helping teams apply Fluid Hive’s See-Solve-Act Framework to an innovation project)

Performance Design

We created a new way to learn, lead and apply design-driven innovation. That pat forced us to rethink performance. We created Fluid Hive’s Performance Design Shop as a way for professionals to design for peak performance by developing their vigilance, values, goals, and habits.

Performance Design Shop — How do we create a system for reaching and maintaining peak performance? How do we stay focused on what’s important over what’s urgent? How do we make living well the heart of our professional success?

Learn to apply Fluid Hive’s Performance Design Framework. It makes aspects of your life part of how you choose your goals, and expresses your values. Learn to create the habits and systems that automate your success. This is a live 3-hour training, with three 1-hour framework tuning sessions.

Design-Driven Innovation Adviser — How do we expand our innovation capacity quickly? How do we make our innovation decisions, actions, and systems more effective?

Fluid Hive offers advisory relationships where we use all of our design-driven innovation knowledge and experience to help you and your team get results. Limited availability.

Download this FREE step-by-step guide with 9 critical questions that can make or break your innovation outcomes and help you avoid common traps that waste time and money.

We design courses and workshops for people who create services and solutions.