A New Way to Get Results with
Design-Driven Innovation

Are you asking the right innovation questions, at the right time,
with all the support you need to answer them? Now you can.

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A Complete Design-Driven Innovation System

The See-Solve-Act Framework is part of a complete innovation system that helps you ask the right questions and answer them step-by-step with innovation supports that match the way you work.

Design Thinking Questions: We’ve identified the questions design thinking asks, clarified them, and organized them across seeing, solving and acting. Instead of talking about process, methods and mindset, we just lay out the questions so you can get to work.

Step-by-Step Answers: Knowing the right questions is a great start, but you need answers. We’ve created a step-by-step way to answer each Design Thinking Question that help you stay focused, efficient and fast.

Support: Even with the right questions and ways to answer them, you can get bogged down on creating templates, checklists and guides you need to do the work. We’ve got your back there. Need to create live innovation experiences with your team or customers? We’ve got you there too.

Three Keys to Design Thinking and
Design-Driven Innovation


Sharpen your Vision — Seeing

The most common mistake for companies innovating is solving the wrong problem, opportunity or challenge (POC). This step will help you gain a deeper understanding of the Innovation POC that you are trying to solve to make sure it is the RIGHT one.


Chart Your Path — Solving

The design-driven framework will help you identify what the RIGHT solution will do for the customers you serve and your company. It will help you generate ideas on how to solve your Innovation POC and then explore how effective those ideas will be in getting the outcomes you desire.  


Launch Your Journey — Acting

Action should be based on insights, ideas and information determined by a designated framework applied to the innovation problem, opportunity or challenge. By the time you act, the solution will have been refined and tested to determine the correct action plan.

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