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Innovation Teams and Systems
Innovation Teams and Systems are about bringing people together to create something new. Their success is less dependent on intelligence and creativity, than discipline and persistence. Fluid Hive’s innovation services offer teams structured ways of generating value and addressing challenges, the right innovation methods at the right times, and makes innovation mechanics simple so they can focus all their expertise on the challenge at hand. Fluid Hive also develops organization-wide innovation systems to make simple and breakthrough innovation happen more reliably.
Service design and customer experience design
Service Design and Customer Experience Design are now basic business competencies. If you have customers and offer them services, you need ways of seeing the world from their perspective. Fluid Hive makes customers’ journeys visible so you have the opportunity to be intentional about what they experience and how your team delivers that experience. We love redesigning existing services or helping to create new ones with innovation services that include design research, customer journey mapping, service blueprinting, and experience prototyping.
Projects, workshops, facilitation
Innovation Projects: Novel challenge? Need a better way to approach a challenge? Fluid Hive excels at helping people find the right problem, create a road map for addressing it, and do the messy work along that innovation pathway.
Workshops: We design workshops on core aspects of design-driven innovation: design thinking, seeing problems worth solving, innovation 101, service design, workshop design, and other topics.
Facilitation: Sometimes you know where you need to go. Fluid Hive helps you get there faster by creating active, hands-on environments for people to develop shared understandings, create options and make decisions.