Designing Brand Experience + Commercial Design for Good with Jos Harrison — DT101 E94

Jos Harrison is the global head of brand experience and design at Reckitt. We talk about brand experience design and commercial design for good.

Portrait of Jos Harrison

Listen to Learn About

  • Brand building
  • Finding ways for companies to do good in a way that builds brand
  • Learning design
  • Omnichannel communication and its effect on brand building
  • Design’s role in creating a better future

Our Guest

Jos is obsessed with bringing brands closer to people — in all the ways (big and small) that improve lives, making people happier and healthier.

Jos designs experiences for people, communities and societies — never for ‘consumers’ — and in doing so, he tries to fulfill his responsibility to our planet: protecting and nurturing it in any way he can.

Show Highlights

[01:04] Jos talks about Reckitt, building toolkits and frameworks, and the clients they work with.
[03:01] Jos’ early background as an industrial and product designer.
[03:21] A stint in marketing and commercial interior design.
[03:50] Moving into branding, working at Cadbury Schweppes, and experience marketing.
[05:14] Starting at Reckitt and diving into OTC healthcare and hygiene branding.
[05:40] Finding his place in innovation and brand building.
[06:18] Jos talks about the more challenging moments of his career journey.
[07:00] Blind spots and education gaps that arise when you’re a student.
[10:02] Ways Jos is working to close those gaps in his own team and the teams he works with.
[10:11] How humans learn best.
[11:56] Design doesn’t lend itself well to formal training.
[12:14] Designers learn most when directly involved in solving problems.
[12:28] Jos’ team makeup.
[14:31] Things Jos wishes designers understood better.
[16:48] Mapping is a great way to pinpoint gaps in knowledge and experience.
[17:34] Exploring the concept of purpose with Reckitt’s clients.
[17:56] Clarifying purpose starts with going back to the beginning of the brand.
[18:40] People now expect corporations to make positive effects on the world in some way.
[20:59] Jos offers an example using the Lysol brand.
[24:03] A fascinating look into the many micro-interactions that, over time, build a brand.
[25:32] Easier to build a brand in the past.
[26:06] Jos talks about how the industry is different now.
[25:24] The omnichannel experience and how it’s made brand building more complex.
[27:39] Creating customer cohorts.
[28:26] The experience map tool.
[29:35] Why it’s important to understand your customer’s attitudes and behavior.
[31:08] Why storytelling is so important in design.
[34:22] Designers create for someone else.
[35:16] People are Jos’ greatest resource for learning.
[36:54] Why Jos recommends organizations partner with creatives.
[39:27] Jos’ final thoughts about our need for more empathy, and design’s role in fostering more empathy in society.


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