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Adapt, Respond, and Evolve

An online conference for higher education leaders responding to change and chaos with connection and innovation

Ready to grow?

Ready to Adapt, Respond, and Evolve with leaders like you?

To do more than survive chaos and massive challenges, you need to adapt. You need ideas from leaders facing what you’re facing. This virtual conference will help you learn with your peers so you can confidently adapt, respond and evolve as you navigate what the world is throwing at all of us.

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Our leadership skills are being severely challenged as institutional systems strain and threaten to break. The people we serve require more, hope for better, and demand action. Yet here at Fluid Hive we are confident that leaders can continue to evolve during crises.

The challenges and crises are heavy. It’s time to share the load.

Adapt your leadership and shape your responses with insights from leaders like you.

Join higher ed leaders seeking to sustain their best performance. You’re invited. You’ll meet new people, tackle shared challenges, and seed new relationships.

We listened to leaders struggling to adjust to radical change spiced with regular chaos. We see leaders striving to deliver workarounds, partnerships, and innovations while understandably overwhelmed with multiple novel challenges. Those same leaders are looking for ways to do the work while continuing their growth and evolution.

At Fluid Hive, we create interactive, peer-driven experiences where people quickly see problems, shape solutions, and take action. Your Adapt, Respond, and Evolve Conference is where you’ll:

Talk though what it means to sustain high performance
Approach your leadership as a practice
Gain clarity on your biggest leadership hurdles
Explore your role in institutional challenges
Develop solutions to apply now
Consider how you might tackle shared challenges with other participants

You’ll come away from the conference with new ways to Adapt, Respond, and Evolve and with new opportunities to grow with other participants. Everything happens live and moves fast. You’ll work online in small, 4–5 person groups. There will be occasional big-group moments as we learn together.

Expect to talk about your challenges. Expect to offer your experience and insights to other leaders. We’ll guide just enough to keep focus and maintain energy.

Join this live conference from wherever you are. On August 13, your computer and a little well-managed video conference magic will bring you face-to-face with experienced leaders like you, all ready for fresh ideas revealed through shared wisdom.

Bring your team. Bring your boss — your bosses. Bring counterparts at other institutions. Innovation happens in conversation.


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